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My name is Afek Chernov and I'm a web and graphic designer. I have +7 years of experience in website design, online product design, and identity design. Over the years I was responsible for more than +40 website designs with highly satisfied clients. For the past 3.5 years, I have started my own design Business and gained vast experience in all stages of a studio’s work from initial customer contact through all stages to project completion. As part of my work, I led and created more than 3 companies Identities, and designed a variety of logos, web pages, and print production products for a wide range of clients from different fields. I have a comprehensive understanding of internal business processes and a strong desire to learn new things and share my experience.


Responsive and Mobile Design

Visual design    Print Production


Abode creative suite    Photoshop  Illustrator    InDesign    PowerPoint

WordPress    Wix    CSS    Sketch

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Hebrew    English


Outside of design, my interests include backing delicious cakes and decorate them, painting with acrylic, growing plants that can’t die, practicing yoga, and playing throwball.


Web and Graphic designer  |  2016-2020


I have started working as a freelance in 2013 in parallel with my work at STG.
For the past 3.5 years, I have developed my business. I offer web and graphic design services to a variety of customers.

  • Leading design projects from start to end. Writing the quotation, Managing client brief, Creating the creative concept, presenting, designing, and executing the final product.

  • Designed and build customized websites and web pages using WordPress and Wix Content Management system. 

  • Collaborate with other professionals such as designers, developers, and printers to create complete design projects. 

Senior Designer  |  2014-2016

STG - creative digital agency


Promoted from junior designer to a higher position. As part of the new position, I had new responsibilities in addition.

  • Plan and Designed complex websites and online products. For example Booking website, Orders managing, e-commerce, etc.

  • Was part of all department account To the 'Milega' company, alternative lounge solutions, that succeeded to increase online sales by 91%.

  • Created identities and logos for clients as a complimentary service for their website.

  • Took lead part in the agency rebranding and office design here

Junior Designer  |  2013-2014

STG - creative digital agency


STG (Studio Tali Geva) is a digital agency that provides for a wide range of clients, digital services including website design and development, SEO, and digital marketing.

  • Designed over +30 responsive websites for businesses from different fields.

  • Represented the design studio in customer briefs, following brine storming with the Project manager, SEO, and Sales representatives to formulate creative concepts.

  • Created low fidelity wireframes to work out the information architecture of the website pages and the pages flow. 

  • Design SEO target campaign including banners and mail reach out

  • Performed quality assurance throughout the development stage. 


Shenkar College of Engineering and Design  |  2009-2013
Ramat-Gan, Israel

Graduated with a bachelor's degree in design and visual communication.

IDF service  |  2006-2008

Served in The Intelligence force at the information security unit as a security clearance interviewer. 

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