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HYPE sports innovation is a company in the field of sports innovation that its business goal to build and develop a network or ecosystem that includes retail brands, athletic clubs, federations, and academia together with startups across all sectors in this highly diverse field.

The project - as clients from 2017 until 2019, I've designed for HYPE a verity of printed and online graphic products. Including company reports, business cards, documents for investors, booths, stage backdrops, and rollup for events, Internet banners, and complex landing pages.

The challenges - HYPE didn't have distinct design guidelines or identity, they used to work with multiple designers and each graphic output seemed different from the other. also, they had various events and programs for different purposes.

The solution - Try using unofficial guidelines. Repeat the same fonts, the same basic colors, and the same image style for different graphic products, however, distinguish the differences between them in other ways.


Impacting people’s lives through the power of sports and innovation


Doring my work with HYPE I've created (costume designed and built with WordPress) leading pages and web pages for all sorts of programs and other purposes. All have to provide an effective call to action for registering, donating, or buying.


I presented below one of those pages for example. The page is for accelerators programs that collaborate between new startups and top universities and sports clubs all across the world. 


Accelerators List - FC Köln / Loughborough University London / Maccabi Haifa FC / San Jose State University / Trentino Sviluppo Italy / The University of Queensland / Fenerbahce FC / MEF University / Shakhtar-Donetsk / The George Washington University / Swedish Olympic Academy


Participating startups will become part and enjoy the largest sports-innovation echo-system in the world

ֿMeet top global
sports brands

Coffee with leading

Opportunity to participate in global Final events




HYPE participated in big events and summits all the time, that required large dimension prints designs like, booths, backdrops, and roll-ups as well as flyers, cards, and brochures.


Below you can see an example for one of those summits that took place in Russia during the 2018 FIFA world cup. I've tried to combine HYPEs graphics with the colors of the world cup identity of that year and present a bold noticeable graphic.


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