The Human Factor
by Lirone Glikman

Logo and Identity design


Lirone Glikman, the founder of 'The Human Factor', truly believe that it’s all about people. she has been supporting startups, businesses, and corporates in the development of new global markets through strategic and authentic relationship building. Her mission is to help people to fulfill themselves in their business efforts through the power of people.


Therefore the business identity designed to reflect, first and foremost, the human contacts, accompanied by a warm smile‭ ‬in addition to professionalism and extensive experience in innovation.


The first challenge - Lirone's clients include universities and governments alongside new, small startups. How do I combine contradicting values, how to design something fun but serious, young but also establish?

Defining leading values

1.  Business connections

2.  Global

3.  Innovation

4.  Empathy & Warmth

5.  Inspiration & Growth

6.  A fun experience

7.  Professionalism

8.  Elegance

Business Gray


R235 G235 B235

C5 M4 Y4 K0

HEX #f4f3f4

Serious Dark Gray

R44 G47 B47

C70 M60 Y60 K50

HEX #323232

Innovative Purple

R126 G114 B252

C50 M52 Y0 K0

HEX #7e72fc

Warm Beige

R217 G186 B158

C16 M28 Y40 K3

HEX #d9b99c


Consulting - Connecting - Speaking


Those three words define Lirone, that is what she dose, she consults, she creating leads for her clients, and also gives lectures about networking, teaching how to communicate. That is why I presented the  options below for the concept:

First option - the Meeting

Inspired by one human global gesture - the handshake (although not used in all cultures it is highly recognized). It represents the business connection and creates a sense of trust.

Second option - the path

Inspired by the word connections. Connections are built from one to the other like a path or a road, one link to the next. Good thing we choose this option (COVID 19)


Graphic language

I have created the graphic elements for the identity from the logo parts, reconstructed the pieces of the word 'human' into roads, intersections, and curves that forms into a map, 

to visualize the network.


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