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What is CarMee


According to 'CarMee's' fonder, Buying a car is a confusing process. Ther are many variables to take into consideration, car brand and model, budget, buy vs lease, safety features, etc. In addition, ther is no reliable authority to consult with, dealership agents are not objective and the existing websites are complicated, presenting too much unnecessary information. His solution was to create 'CarMee' an online platform that will answer all those problems. the Platform has a questionnaire feature that helps to match between car buyers and the right car for them.


The project - In this project, I collaborate with the 'Dezigner studio' that was responsible for the Ux and Developing the platform. I was in charge of the visual part of the project, design the Logo and identity guidelines folwing by UI designing of the web pages and questionnaire.

Setting the tone

Designing the Logo 

The challenge - design a balanced logo based on contradicting values. In addition, the client insisted on adding an extra 'e' in 'me', so I had to make it work in favor of the concept.

Themes & Attributes:

Friendly / Innovative / Non-traditional Reliable / Objective / Professional

The Final Concept

The Logo consists of three elements. the mark, the logotype, and the container. The brand mark is inspired by the concept ... was inspired by the Yinn & yang symbol, two opposites that make a whole. I chose extra round shapes to give a friendly vibe, and use a frame inspired by the car industry designs to create familiarity. the sans-serif logotype set in uppercase is

The full lockup manifests itself as a modern


Design the
Website Pages

The challenges - First and foremost, making the client feel comfortable using the platform. Also, I didn't have any graphic materials, I couldn't use real cars photos because of license policy, and the 'CarMee's' need to be objective.

Elements design

The solution - When I've designed the different elements like Icons, and buttons I kept the identity colors and curvey round shapes, to create Pleasant to the eye web pages.


On the home page, our main goal was to lead the users to the questionnaire. Therefore, I've designed a big inviting button and assimilated it in four different places on that page.

I've designed three pages to help the user get the necessary information and tools with easy access from sidebar navigation. In these pages, you can see the solution for the graphic materials problem - using neutral white cars combined with the other elements of the design.



On the different web pages, I Manage to maintain a neutral objective tone using simple white car models. 


Design the questionnaire

The challenge  - The questionnaire includes questions that cover different aspects that need to be one consideration when buying a car. But the list of questions was very long. So how the UI can prevent the user from feeling discouraged and abandon the process? 

We divided the questions into four different tubs to create certainty about the process and reduce users' perception of time I have designed a sharp contrast between the completed tubs to the uncompleted ones. 

Vehicle Features

Usage and Budget

Car Categories


We made it fun

I add some fun and interest with some illustrated icons and small interactions.

We gave an immediate and limited result

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