Logo design

UX, UI Design for website and Questionnaire 


collaboration with Dezigner studio

'CarMee' is an online platform that offers its users information about vehicles and a questionnaire feature that helps to match between car buyers and the right car for them.
The target market was car buyers with no understanding of this area.

Buying a car is a confusing process, Ther are many variables to take into consideration, car brand and model, budget, buy vs lease, trim level, and safety features, etc. According to CarMee fonder, ther is no reliable authority to consult with, dealership agents are not objective and the existing websites are complicated, presenting too much unnecessary information. His solution was to create a platform that will answer all those problems.

The project -  Designing the platform pages accompanying logo and general identity guidelines. I have work in collaboration with a UX designer how is also a web developer, we both worked on wireframes, and I was in charge of the UI. 

# 1

Define values

Create Identity guides

Design the logo

The challengs in this step ware creating a logo based on contradicting values and finding the ballance between them. In addition the client requested adding an extra 'e' in 'me' that the client insisted on in favor of the concept.

01  Safe

02   Security - Reliable

03  Objective

04  Professional - We are the PROS

01  Friendly

02  Innovative

03  Interactive - communicative

04  Non-traditional - different in its field

a research of different concepts and formes to find a balance between innovative to reliable.


chosen concept

The chosen concept was inspired by the Yinn & yang symbol, two opposites that make a whole. I chose extra round shapes to give a friendly vibe, and use a frame inspired by the car industry designs to create a connection and familiarity.


Design the website

pages and elements

The challenges in this step were to fulfill the founder's goal, making the client feel comfortable using the platform, and ? with the lack of graphic materials. For example, I couldn't use real cars photos because of license policy and the need to be objective.

the first solution - I kept the identity frindly guidelins - colors, curvey round shapes, to create other design elements on the web pages like icons, buttons ect.


On the home page, the user doesn't need to decide between cars, models, production year, or horsepower. The only action the user needs to do is go to the questionnaire. Therefore, I've designd a big inviting button and we've assimilated it in four different places in the page.

Elements design

I've designed three pages to help the user get the necessary information and tools with easy access from sidebar navigation. In these pages, you can see the solution for the graphic materials problem - using neutral white cars combined with the other elements of the design.


payment calculator


Image making

Graphic metirials solutions. On the different web pages I chose to encorprate white netral car to creat..



Design the questionnaire

The questionnaire includ questions that covers different aspects that need to be one consideration when buying a car.

The challenge was the very long list of questions the client wanted us to include. A long questionnaire can discourage the user lead him to abandon the process, so how we provent it? 


Tabs and progress

The first thing we did was to devide the questions into for diffrent tubs. 

this is creating sortenty for the user about what is about to come. I have designd a sharp contrast beetween the compleated tubs to the uncompleated ones. design it as a progres bar to reduce users perception of time and  create a clear path to completion 

Click on the buttons to view the questionnaire pages

Ilustrations, icons and fun

Graphic metirials solutions. On the different web pages I chose to encorprate white netral car to creat..

Questionnaire Result

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