Bar a Vin

Website design + wordpress

Bar a Vin is a wine bar and a restaurant in the middle of the city of Tel Aviv. It is all dedicated to fine wines and small dishes inspired by the Franch decadent cuisine. The place was designed to reflect the food, an old french, romantic atmosphere.


The project - design and build a WordPress website, using an existing template and alternating it to the restaurant's needs and look.


The challenge - The challenges in this project were visual and technical, at first was to capture the restaurant feel online. Then to use, for the first time, the WordPress platform.
I had to learn to write CSS and read HTML, to face a new system, and get all the different elements to work properly.


The solution - For the visuals I chose romantic colors like dusty pink and gold with a little drama in very dark gray. I incorporated floral ornaments and serif fonts with clean lines and sans serif fonts to keep it romantic yet high end. The most important task was to increase the leads and get optional costumers to book a table online. after a few weeks, they started to get reservations from all around the world. 


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