Seeds Technologies

Visual Identity

Creating a new identity for Seeds Technologies based on existing logo and graphic language‭, ‬and applying it to the company's graphic products‭ (‬business cards‭, ‬product pages‭, ‬exhibition booths‭, ‬etc‭.)‬


Seeds Technologies is a company specializing in the manufacture‭, ‬cultivation and marketing of vegetable‭, ‬spices‭, ‬baby leaves and‭ ‬legumes seeds for customers in Israel and abroad‭.‬


The problem‭: ‬intense colors‭ (‬black‭, ‬green and red‭), ‬heavy typography and geometric lines‭.‬

The solution‭: ‬Selecting dark and deep earth tones‭, ‬to differentiate between competing companies‭ (‬especially exhibitions‭), ‬combined with clean typography‭, ‬organic curved lines and the use of professional images to create a sense of growth‭, ‬prosperity and‭ ‬freshness‭.‬

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