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Shay Jewelry

Jewelry Store

Logo and Visual Identity


Senior Designer at STG

Shay Jewelry

Is an established family store with a warm atmosphere and a diverse wide collection of jewelry, in which every customer is given the full attention to match the special jewel designed just for him.

The project


Branding for the store, including renewing the logo, and designing a new look for the stationery, packaging, and social networking pages.



The goal


Since most of the customers were repeat Older customers the main intention was to expand the clientele range, appeal to younger audiences, mainly women and engaged couples. 

The New

The branding


'Shay' is the Hebrew word for gift, and the logo is based on its handwritten form.

The first step was to define leading values:


romantic, personal, eclectic

For the romantic atmosphere, I chose pastel colors with a touch of gold. I've drawn delicate manual illustrations and created a freehand pattern to give a personal touch - every one of the items in the store is special and personally adjusted. For the stationary and the packages 

I chose raw materials like wood, cardboard, and textured paper to give a warm fill.


Re-design the logo


Design Elements

Social media

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