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Creative Digital Agency

Visual Identity / Office Design


Senior designer at STG

STG - Studio Tali Geva

A creative digital agency offers to her customers' different services, from website design through development and SEO. 

The project


As a designer in the agency, one of my projects was to create a new fun identity.
Starting with setting our company values: young and dynamic business that provides stability and security. I've created graphic printed products like business cards and information kits, and design the walls and office space. 
Seeing the design become a reality was very satisfying.



The concept


The motto, Aspire to the top.

STG will promote you to success.


Based on the company motto, values, and logo I designed the new identity. There were 3 key graphic elements in the design:

Typography / Use words and letters to create an image and deliver our message.

Infographics / Use graphs and charts to present our data and results and visualize progress and growth.

Color pallet / Choose two vibrant primary colors, Yellow and Teal to give a high energy feel.


The Office

We have decided to design the office as part of our new identity.
Every client that will walk into our office doors will get the idea of how we are.

I have designed wallpapers, typographic posters, a lighted logo sign, and choose accessories and furniture to dress the entry and open space. 

All designed according to the new guidelines. For example, to enhance the 'moving up' feeling we beveled some of the 2D graphic elements on the walls.

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